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Full-Color Digital Cylindrical
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Azzure, IPT is a Full-Service Packaging and Container Decorating Company.

In addition to our Silk Screen Printing capabilities, we specialize in full-color digital printing (direct to object printing) on very small bottles, tubes, jars, tins and more. From 30ml bottles on up to much larger containers.

We work with leading brands in the personal care and consumer products industries, providing creative solutions that positively promote their brands in no other way possible. We pride ourselves on being one of the very few printers capable of printing on small containers in full-color (4-color process).

By offering an alternative solution to Silk Screen Printing, full-color digital can help any company expand its reach with this eye-catching finished product.

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The digital


Our process is very simple and efficient. Once artwork is received we will preflight your file(s) and prepare your online proof for your review and approval. Once approved we will begin the printing process. Once your first item has been printed you will receive a video of your printed job prior to proceeding with entire job. Once the 2nd stage approval has been given we will continue with the entire job.

Since our technology is digital and cured by an intense UV light source, your items can be immediately boxed and shipped right away. No need for cooling down, air drying, ink still curing etc.. These issues are typical when using the traditional silk screen process. Everything about our digital printing process is much more reliable and controllable.

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Full-Color Digital
Cylindrical Printing

Digital cylindrical printing, also referred to as direct to object printing or rotary printing, has spiked in popularity over the past few years. This method of digital printing offers many benefits. Compared to other methods. This technology cuts out extra labor time and additional production steps associated with traditional method.

Now, digitally printing high quality images on cylinders is cost-effective and simpler than ever. One of our greatest advantages to digital printing is the ability to customize artwork with no additional costs. Keep up with the growing personalization market by tailoring your designs toward your customers. Our Digital presses have the capability for one-off printing or large production volumes. Our highly automated machines print high-quality, full-color seemless images 360 degrees around a cylindrical object in a matter of seconds.

Our cylindrical digital presses can accommodate straight walled, tapered and grooved cylindrical objects with a diameter as small as 1.25” and up to 6.25“ and capable of superior full-color quality images and graphics.

- Our newest addition -

Printing On-demand

Bottle, Tube
& Jar Printing




Silk screen


Screen printing is a wet ink process where ink is squeezed through a fine mesh material onto the part to be decorated.

We have the ability to print on almost any substrate including: Plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene, metal, stainless steel, powder coated aluminum, glass & wood.

For those larger volume jobs, AIPT has 1 & 2 station, high-speed machines capable of printing on ovals or rounds up to two colors at a rate of two to three thousand pieces per hour.

We also provide in-house flame treatment of materials when necessary. We use UV and solvent based inks as well as specialty inks used to print on glass and polypropylene.

AIPT has the capabilities to print 1-to-multiple colors.

Full-color digital

Tincture bottle & tube printing

for the cannabis industry

With AIPT’s revolutionary full-color digital cylindrical capabilities, we have become very popular in the Hemp, CBD, THC and Cannabis markets.

Finally, there is no need to downgrade your full-color design to just 1 or 2 color silk screen printable artwork. We can print your full-color label design DIRECTLY on your small 30ml tincture bottle with full-flood UV varnish OR spot-UV varnish for an amazing effect.

Print multiple versions (ML’s, flavors, graphics, etc..) of the same bottle or tube at the same time and most importantly – At the SAME Price!! – No additional set-ups or multiple-run charges. Want to see your new product before committing to large-volume runs? No problem. Sample prints can be printed and shipped the same day for you to see in person at no additional charge. Samples are included in every digital print run.

Allow AIPT’s digital technology
help grow your business. Digitally!

Its time to catch up with the 21st century.

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